Protecting your Backyard Garden from Raccoons and Other Pests

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For many homeowners, one of the most common challenges of maintaining a backyard garden is the threat of raccoons and other pests that try to enter the area. From eating vegetables to digging up the soil for earthworms, it can be difficult to maintain the garden and allow it to thrive with the animals present. To protect your backyard garden and keep the pests away, a garden fence is not the only recourse. There are a few steps to follow to safeguard your property and allow the garden to thrive.

Use a Hot Sauce Repellant

To prevent raccoons and other critters from digging through your backyard garden, apply a hot sauce repellant to the perimeter of the area. Raccoons are sensitive to strong odors and tastes, which will cause them to stray from the area that is sprayed. Try using a homemade mixture of hot sauce, cayenne pepper, and dish soap. This makes for an affordable and easy method that can be sprayed on the perimeter several times a week.

Install a Gallagher Fence

One of the most effective ways of keeping raccoons and pests out of your garden is by protecting it with a Gallagher fence. The electric fence helps to deter animals with a current that works as a psychological barrier and keeps distance between the animal and the premises. If the animals come in contact with the fence, it gives a safe shock that warns the animal or pest to stay several feet away.

Set Live Traps

Live traps are a humane method to keep animals away, and it captures them in the garden before they begin to do any damage. Try using different types of food as bait to capture and lure them in, which can help to alleviate the problem of the intruders entering the garden. Once the animal is in the trap, you can release them several miles away. Check with your state’s laws to ensure that the use of live traps on your property is legal.

Remove Food Sources

Raccoons enter gardens to look for food, making it important to remove pet food or bird seed that may be nearby and is possibly attracting the critters. Keep the food sealed in a garage or away from the garden to ensure that it is out of reach and not easily detectable by animals that are passing by. Berries that have fallen on the ground or nearby trash that is present should also be removed immediately.

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Jason Governo writes on behalf of Farm Supply Store, the Web’s source for electric fencing for home gardens.

What is a natural latex mattress?

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Written by Canada Foam by Mail

A natural latex mattress is made of non-synthetic natural latex foam that can be bio-hybrid or blended foam. Natural latex provide a good comfort and support to the body. They also provide pressure relief as they respond to the weight and shape of the body. This is helps alleviate neck and back pains brought about by other mattresses such as the innerspring or poor quality foams.

Natural latex mattresses are a lasting value and have proven to last longer that most conventional mattresses. An open-cell latex mattress is hypoallergenic which is ideal for people suffering from allergies. The pincore structure of the latex mattress aids in regulating the body temperature and this procures a wonderful sleep experience.

Investing in a latex mattress could be a solution to improving the overall quality of your sleep. You can also choose to purchase a latex mattress topper to test out its benefits. If you prefer a soft latex mattress, a Tatalay latex mattress could be the right choice for you. Tatalay latex mattresses are known to be generally comfortable and soft.

If you are looking for a latex mattress in Canada, you might find several companies online. The Foam Factory is such a company and it provides a good array of foam products. The company offers a good choice if you are looking for a comfortable mattress in Canada, whether you opt for a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress.