How Electric Fences Keep Your Garden Safe

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Modern agriculture uses some time tested techniques humans have utilized for thousands of years, but there have been significant advances as well. Especially in the market for pest control. Crop loss on the farm is mostly avoidable, if you have the right equipment. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the environment around your property. Here is how electric fences have kept gardens safe for hundreds of year.


The electric fence was first described as a network of electrified wires protecting a display in a museum. It was invented by Fanny Trollope, whose design does not resemble the farm fencing currently used to keep pests from gardens and farms. Another design, powered by a water wheel, debuted in 1888. It wasn’t very successful, but it spurred others to try. The fencing rose to prominence in the early 1930s, when fencing was used to control livestock and keep them penned up.


Electric fence supplies are used almost anywhere that farming will occur. Its primary function is to keep animals and pests away from the garden, or fenced into a particular area. Early version of these devices usually didn’t regulate voltage well, so accidental deaths of livestock and humans were common. Today, farmers ground devices and distribute voltage evenly throughout the setup. Farmers also use a single electrified wire to strengthen existing fences, which is a more cost-effective method of revamping a fence.


The basic design involves an electrical pulse that is sent through a power energizer. The fence uses two terminals: one is hooked directly to the energizer, while the other is buried in the earth where the line is grounded. In order for the fence to trigger, an animal would need to touch the wiring with its feet on the ground. The effects of that electrical pulse vary. It may be stronger depending on the contact with the fence, voltage running through the line, and the route the current runs through to get to the body.


The most common material for fencing is a steel wire, but there are other varieties as well. Synthetic fibers woven into a high-tensile cord around metal is another option, as is barbed wire. Some fences have certain bars electrified, or may only run a current through the top of the fence. Synthetic webbing is a recent development that makes it harder for smaller critters to sneak past without the deterrent.

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Jason Governo writes on behalf of Farm Supply Store, which sells electric fencing and supplies for farmers online.

Designing an Affordable and Stylish College Dorm

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Written by: BeddingStyle

How would you build the perfect dorm room? Shelving is a good idea to start with, because there is never enough space, but you’d need to consider designer bedding and furniture too. College is as much a lesson in schooling as it is in budgeting. If you’re leaving for college soon, it’s a good idea to consider what your dorm room will look like.


You don’t need to go designer for college dorm bedding, but it’s nice if you can afford to. Mainly, you want to be conscious of thread count. The more threads there are in a particular set, the softer that set is usually. There are also softer fabrics, so you may be able to reduce thread count if you upgrade the fabric. It’s probably best to have at least one full set of everything, and then maybe a few odds and ends to fill in gaps on laundry days. Two fitted sheets with one comforter is usually enough. If you plan to go to college in an area with four seasons, be sure to invest in some warm pajamas.


Your local thrift store usually has a lot of great furniture you can use to stock your dorm. You probably want to avoid things like mattresses, even though all padding is cleaned thoroughly before it hits the sales floor, but you can find bed stands and coffee tables too. College furniture doesn’t have to match, but choose a style you like and work on getting pieces that fit the look you want. Modern pieces, for instance, are very angular and square.

DIY and Refurbishing

Aside from thrift stores, you can shop garage sales on weekends to find pieces you can refurbish. Refinishing a piece of furniture usually requires little more than sandpaper, and either paint or stain. Sand the wood down until it is smooth, then apply the new coat of paint to the wood.

There are pieces online that you can build yourself too. Items from blogs like Lowes or Home Depot come with schematics, so you go to the store and ask the associate to cut pieces of wood to size for you.

Money Saving Tips

If your old teen bedding still fits your bed, consider bringing it with you. The retro appeal might score you some social points, and you can use the money you saved on something else for your dorm (like a cool lava lamp).

Make sound changes to your irrigation system

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States such as California are experiencing severe drought that has not seen before. States as well as local authorities are imposing restrictions on water usage and trying to find new sources of water and manage existing resources available. More and more homeowners are electing to remove existing inefficient spray irrigation systems and replace with more advanced irrigation systems. Spray systems are inefficient because they release more water than the soil can absorb at the time of spray resulting more runoff. Here are few things you can do.

  • For lawns, install rotating nozzles that evenly apply water and they are more resistant to wind and other hazards. They spray water slowly and uniformly allowing more absorption.
  • Bubblers works well for shrubs and trees. When place near the tree or shrub trunk, they bubble on the soil with no spray. Slow pooling of water allow deep penetration and creating a berm or basin may promote efficient water use.
  • Drip irrigation is more suitable for trees, shrubs as well as individual plants of all kind. They are more efficient on slopes and allow water ever slowly without causing runoff. They are good for heavy clay type soils too.

Change Your Home with Wicker

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By Wicker Paradise

If you’ve just moved in to your new home or you’ve been living there for a while now, you may feel like it’s time for a change of scenery. You could accomplish this a number of different ways, but, as you probably know, most will be fairly expensive. For example, you could start knocking down walls or adding in new fixtures. Your home will definitely improve, but your bank account won’t.

wicker-lanai-loveseatInstead, why not try something simple like wicker furniture. If you haven’t checked in on the industry recently, wicker furniture sets have a ton to offer in terms of overall appearance and comfort. Plus, even something as extravagant as a wicker dining set will be extremely affordable. Yet, you can be sure that your visitors will take notice and you’ll definitely enjoy seeing the new look every day.

Of course, you can also get more from your home by adding patio furniture to the mix. If you don’t already have a patio, they’re fairly affordable. Then you can add to the overall look by adding in wicker furniture that will feel amazing, look even better and do just fine with the elements.

So before you go the costly route, stop and think about how wicker furniture could go a long way.


If your home could use an updated look, don’t forget about a simple, affordable and comfortable option like wicker furniture. At Wicker Paradise, you can find everything from chairs to sofas to dining sets and more.