Best Colors for a Feng Shui Door

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In the practice of feng shui, the door is an extremely important component to the home. It is responsible for letting energy into the home, so there are many important qualities to be aware of when you purchase or refinish a front door. Aside from the position, there is also the color.

Feng shui uses one of two basic premises to define the feng shui in your home. The first premise defines the house by the direction the door faces, the second looks at the direction the seating faces. The most common method is to use the front door, or to stand outside your home and use a compass to determine the optimal positioning.

Feng shui refers to the front door as “the mouth of Chi,” which directly relates to function of letting energy into the home. Say, for example, that the front door is facing the south. In this scenario, you would want to align the color of your door to the attribute for fire. These elements are either red, pink, yellow, purple, or magenta.

There are also considerations to be made with regards to the rear of the home. You must make sure that the colors there offset those used at the front of the home, so the house can retain the Chi energy let in through the door.

Should you immediately repaint all doors? Probably not. Feng shui does rely on a well-maintained door that is aesthetically pleasing, but this applies mainly to the front door. As long as you keep other doors free from obstruction and well maintained, color will be less of a factor.

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What Can You Do to Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home?

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By Al Donohue

If you have a home in Ridgewood, NJ, you’ve already hit the jackpot in a number of ways. Ridgewood is synonymous with affluence and is easily as safe and pleasant to the eyes. But we all want to do more to increase our property value. For one, this often makes it more enjoyable for us. However, it also means you get a return on your home when you sell it, just like a traditional investment.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do for a Ridgewood home to make sure you get more back when you finally sell it. The obvious recommendation is to first ensure the basement is finished. This is a no brainer.

However, if you really want to add value, try installing a pool. Everyone will love it when the summers get hot in New Jersey, as they often do, plus people will be willing to pay far more for a house that has said pool.

Another simple solution is to put in hardwood  floors as these are always a preferable choice to linoleum or other, cheaper options you commonly see.

So don’t rest on your laurels no matter how great your Ridgewood home is. Instead, consider the above options for increasing your enjoyment and investment.


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Don’t Forget Your Bedding’s Extra Touches

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Written By Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

Many people think of their bed as nothing more than the place they lay their head down at night to get some sleep. However, for many of us, a bed is so much more than that. It’s part of the look and feel of our entire house. For this reason, many of us can’t simply buy a pillow and some sheets and call it a day. We see our bedding as so much more than that.

One major item everyone should consider investing in is quality duvet covers. These items are not just extremely comfortable and luxurious, they look great too. You can often find covers that go with the rest of your bedding. Otherwise, it might take a little extra time finding one that will match. However, even if your bedding subscribes to a certain pattern, a cover choice that’s a bold color will often be just fine.

Another easy choice to make for your bed is simply going with luxury bedding sets. They’ll come with absolutely everything your bedding needs in one convenient bundle. Plus, you can save a lot of money this way too.

Bedding comes with a countless options for getting both the look and feel you want. So do yourself a favor and take advantage!


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