Why you shouldn’t just wing it when it comes to bedding

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Article written by BeddingStyle

Imagine yourself coming home after a long, hard day at work. You open yourself an ice cold beer, take those work clothes off, not wanting to think of anything else but relax. You finish your beer, rub your dog’s belly, jump in the bed, pick up where you left off with that new book you’re reading, but something’s off – the sheets don’t feel comfortable! How terrible would that be, right? When it comes to the sheets, there really is no substitute when it comes to comfort. And depending on your preference, you could go for thick linen sheets, silk sheets, or even rayon sheets. Shopping for Nicole Miller Bedding, say for example Queen Bedding Sets, will give you a range of options that will allow you to suit your taste. You could go for crisp and smooth bedding, or soft, lustrous bedding.

Some would also prefer thicker sheets as compared to thinner sheets. The point we’re driving at here is that there are a wide range of options to choose from. Don’t skimp on buying sheets, because in the end you’re the one that’s going to regret it. Take a closer look when buying sheets, don’t just buy it because you like the color or you think the design is cool, read into the product and see what type of material it’s made out of, and its quality as well. Know what you want, and if you’re unsure about what to buy, you can always ask for assistance from store employees.


If you’re looking to buy luxury bedding, you have definitely come to the right place.

Planting trees on a budget

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When you are on a limited budget to landscape your yard, start with few young trees. They make a huge difference by transforming a barren yard by adding visible life to your yard. Young trees adapt to the new environment much quicker and grow faster than mature trees that cost more. Another way to improve your garden is to start planting cuttings from other trees in between your young plants.

In order to get year round green in the yard, you can plant variety of cuttings of deciduous shrubs and broad-leaf evergreens. It is a simple process to establish cuttings and cost less than young or mature trees. The best time to take cuttings for replanting is the summer time when deciduous trees deliver semi-hardwood branches for cuttings. Some trees produce good cuttings during late fall when branches are harden further and deliver woody cuttings. Whatever the time you choose for cuttings make sure they are from the last year’s growth and the cuttings are at least six inches long. Make sure each cutting contain a dormant bud. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and shake excess. Plant them in a plastic container in a mixture of sand and potting soil. This allows water to drain.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers

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Like most technology, electric garage doors are a blessing. When they work… In order for your garage door to operate smoothly and efficiently, there are a few steps you can take around the house to keep it up and running. There is a good chance you will experience at least one breakdown during the life of your door, but these tips will help you prevent unexpected problems from cropping up on you.

Starting with the power source, inspect all potential sources for error. Look for exposed wiring coming from the unit, and check to see that the plug is secured in the wall. Once you’ve inspected the power source, yank on the emergency release chain to see if the door opens. If it does not, check the area around the door for anything that may be blocking its path. Even small items like pebbles or paint that was laid on too thick can prevent your door from properly opening and closing.

You should also check the door itself for damage. It’s possible that someone smashed into the door accidentally, especially if you’ve mounted a basketball hoop over it. You can try to pound these dents out yourself, but you may void the warranty on your door.

If you’ve recently used the door, either for testing or for entry, and find there is an issue, you can try to let the motor cool for a few minutes and retry your operation. It’s possible that the door is just overheated, but it is important to exhaust all options before moving on. Should any serious issues pop up, call a technician. Don’t risk voiding your warranty on something you think you can do yourself. Even for simple fixes, a technician can bring the added value of knowledge of your unit.

The trained professionals of ETO Doors are knowledgeable on the inner workings of your garage door. ETO Doors was founded in 2002 with the goal of making affordable doors for the home. Visit the Los Angeles showroom, or browse styles online at ETO Doors reviews.


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DIY projects can be a great way to bring family and friends together, but stress can ensue if the project is a little too technical or beyond the capacity of those assisting.  Learning the full scope of the project before you begin is key to the project’s success.  ETO Doors manufactures home and office doors that are DIY-friendly, but to avoid DIY disasters, they’ve created a library of resources to help your project increase the enjoyment of your home, rather than disrupt the unity.

Here are a just a few of the ETO Doors resources available at www.etodoors.com

  • Design Your Door Tool http://www.etodoors.com/design-your-door
    • If you’re unsure how to go about the door selection process, ETO Door’s design your door tool will remove most of the uncertainty.  The tool walks you through the size/dimensions, style, material, and sidelites (windows on the side) options, and finishes with a product you can send to an ETO Doors team member for assistance with ordering.  There’s no cost to using the design tool, so it’s a great way to start planning early for your door selection and installation process.
  • DIY Videos  http://www.etodoors.com/diy-videos
    • Reading instructions is one thing, but having the ability to watch a door installation is quite another.  ETO Doors has created a library of DIY videos to help you step-by-step in your door installation process.  From installing your front door, to painting your door, or changing your door locks, there’s a video for nearly every DIYers needs.  Here’s a hint- watch a few videos before you pick your project, rather than after you have all of the materials.  This way you’ll know whether or not you’ll need additional hands or expertise during your project.
  • 3-D Modeling
    • The 3D modeling option is a great when your working on actual fit of your door within the door space or in your home.  Many architects and interior designers will use a 3D model within design software, which can be printed out for a more realistic idea of the final project.  3D models are helpful for the new DIYer and experienced DIYer alike.

ETO Doors appreciates the excitement (and potential stress) of a DIY project, but with the resources listed above and more found at www.etodoors.com you’ll be in good hands when you’re installing your new front door.