Burglar-Proof Your Doors

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By ETO Doors

A home break in can feel violating, but it’s very preventable. There are measures you can take to burglar proof your home, starting with the front door. Since many home break-ins are perpetrated by people who know the owners, start with simple tactics like black out curtains in the windows. This helps shield the interior from curious eyes. Then you can move onto the door, using these tips to keep unwanted guests out.

Replace the Strike Plate

The strike plate is used to secure the latch of the door, but its not typically strong enough to resist someone kicking the door with full force. Purchase a box-strike model with long screws that can anchor better to the door jamb.

Reinforce the Door

There are several kits you can buy from your local hardware store that can help reinforce the door jamb. A reinforcement kit helps keep the strike box in place, even under a barrage of forceful kicks. You essentially add a layer of steel to the door when you install a reinforcement kit. If the hinges are on the outside, which is the case with doors that swing outward, take care to cover up the bolts. Someone could tap the bolt out of the hinge and literally lift the door from its frame.

Replace Hollow Core Doors

If your door has a hollowed out core, someone could just kick their way through the door too. A heavy duty wooden door will hold up against solid kicks to the frame. Try a pine door if you need to get something sturdy on a budget. Steel doors are also affordable, and they are easy to paint to match the colors of your home.


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Designer Bedding, Worth It? Quality Bedding At Its Best

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Written By: BeddingStyle

                With the birth of the Internet, everything nowadays can be done easier, faster and less hassle. Paying for bills can be done online and now even shopping. We have to admit that shopping can be a big hassle especially when there are so many people in the mall to compete with. But now with online shopping, people can actually just click, shop and pay online even just at home. When picking out pieces for your home, always remember to choose ones that will definitely match your home’s style and design.

                Shopping for designer beddings is a favourite among women who just love to spice up their homes with luxurious things that will create a comfort haven for them and their family. Shopping online will give women at home a chance to see all their wonderful options in just one glance. All it takes is a simple click and they will be able to see all the product details that they will need in order to choose the best product for their home. Product information can include materials; thread count, how to clean the product and even what comes inside the bedding set packs. Searching for a product is also made easy as you can search by category that best suits you. Search for the perfect duvet or bed in a bag by simply just typing it on the search box and you will get a result list that gives you so many to choose from. Whatever kind of bedding you purchase, designer beddings will always make you feel like royalty.

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Making a decision to replace your carpet

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Worn out carpets not only a hazard but also impact the look of the inside of your home. Replacing your carpet need careful planning and will require resources. With competing demand for valuable dollars you are faced with, carpet replacement must be done with careful considerations.

Financial considerations mainly include cost. If you are dealing with a limited budget, consider phasing out the project. Some reputed companies may work with you in terms of arranging financing to purchase a carpet and even with installation cost.

Selecting a carpet consideration should be given to color, quality, flexibility, stain resistance, and room sizes. Higher quality carpets cost more but the pile density and tighter twist will give you more mileage on your carpet. Many stain resistant carpets come with a limited warranty. Carpet should be flexible so that you can follow your theme even on hard surfaces such as your stairway. Room sizes will determine the total amount of carpet you need.

Other considerations may include the qualifications of the installer. Today, the Internet can be a good place to start to look for a good installer. Other people’s experiences and recommendations may help you to find the right installer but be aware of bogus evaluations.

Outdoor cushions for the patio, backyard, dry fast technology

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If you’re in the market for new cushions, you’ve never had so many than you currently do today. But that doesn’t mean all your options are created the same. In fact, some will be very disappointing when it comes to comfort and resiliency, while others will simply cost you too much. But the The Foam Factory has a number of options available and each and every one of them fits the bill.

That’s because foam is by far the best material around for making the most out of comfort for your home. Whether you need a new mattress, couch or even lawn furniture, you’ll be happiest with your selection if it’s one that involves foam.

Why foam? For one thing it’s an incredibly efficient material, so you’re saving money. Foam is light, yes, but it packs so much comfort and support, unlike other, heavier materials that don’t provide much of either.

This affordability makes it easy to spend more on getting the best brands and types around. Plus, foam is extremely easy to insert into your current furniture options, so you can keep the general look you love, just give it new life.

Lastly, if you do have outdoor furniture, foam is simply the best. It can stand up to the elements without issue.


If you’re in the market for custom foam cushions or just new cushions, whether they’re for your mattress foam, the kind you need for outdoor furniture or anything else, The Foam Factory is your number one source to shop at.

Practical Gifts for New Parents

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Parents of a new born have a difficult job ahead of themselves. The day-to-day care for a baby can quickly become overwhelming, and there are a lot of things parents find themselves needing that no one tells them about. If you know someone becoming a new parent, consider helping them out with one of the following practical gifts for new parents.


Diapers, clothes and bottles are necessities. The trouble is that parents quickly run out of diapers, bottles need cleaning and kids outgrow clothes very quickly in their early years. Grab some extra onesies and stock up on diapers. You can gift someone a year’s worth of diapers from a site like Amazon, where you can set your stock to automatically ship to the new parents monthly. It’s also good to have changing table supplies, like a pad for the infant to lay on while changing occurs. A comforter set is another good idea for those evenings when baby falls asleep with mom or dad on the couch.


A new crib is a good idea for parents, and you can find very affordable models online. Aside from cribs, you can also look into gifting a stroller, or a travel set. A light weight stroller is helpful for those days when a heavyweight stroller seems like too much. It’s easy to push, and light on the back. A travel set is handy for those days when a child falls asleep in the middle of the day. Parents can quickly unclip the child’s car seat and mount it to a stroller so the day keeps on going.


Twin comforter sets are the perfect size for a growing child’s bed. Even though they may not be of use now, parents will be thrilled to have those sets when the time comes. Some people like to knit their own scarves or caps for babies too, which is a good gift from the heart. Just be sure that you use material that won’t irritate the baby’s skin.


Everyone advocates a diaper bag for new parents, but the thing no one tells them is to get one that can double for a purse. The extra cash it costs to get a purse/diaper bag will make itself up in convenience time. Parents can put everything into their respective pockets, and still have enough space for baby’s things. Who knows, they find themselves more organized with a small baby than most people are without one.
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Protecting Your Garden from Pests

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Mastering the art of gardening can seem like a battle in and of itself. It seems impossible to get something to actually grow, and then once it has started growing there is the chance that some four legged creature will come and destroy your hard work. Whether you are raising a vegetable garden or a flower garden, pests are exactly that. If you want to stop them, here are some tips that will keep your garden well-protected.

Identify the Threat

The first thing you need to do is identify what you’re dealing with. Bugs are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Snails leave a trail wherever they go, and you can tell bugs have been around by the small bite marks they leave on your plants. Look for holes in leaves, tell-tale signs that something is crawling around in there. Larger animals can be harder to spot, or at least harder to catch in the act. You might see evidence that something was there, but without identification you don’t know whether you’re dealing with a rabbit or a deer.

You should also decide what is acceptable to you. If pests are merely causing aesthetic damage to a crop you will eat, then it may not be worth taking drastic action. Ask neighbors about the animals they deal with and check for droppings to confirm your suspicions.

Erect Barriers

A garden fence can be a powerful deterrent if installed properly. An elevated garden box will help to keep away small insects, but fencing deters larger animals and makes it harder to reach your crops. You can use standard wire-mesh fencing to enclose the garden, with a gate for in and out entry. Slanted fences have an electrical barrier, so a professional is recommended for these installations. Stone or wood fences are also great deterrents, as deer are less likely to hop over them in fear of getting trapped. Plastic fencing is cheap and useful, and it’s easier to install by yourself. Just don’t expect it to hold up well against the elements for very long.

Use Repellents

Human hair is a surprisingly strong deterrent for wild animals. Next time you visit the barber, ask him or her to keep your clippings so you can spread them around the garden. There is also a natural mixture made of egg and water that will help deter larger animals from chowing down on your trees and bushes.

Use Plants as Deterrents

Aside from wire fencing, you can use actual plants as deterrents. You might need to do some research on the particular animal you are dealing with, but you can actually find flowers and shrubs that will look attractive in your garden while serving a practical purpose.
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