Is It Time to Replace my Cushion?

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Chances are much of the furniture in your home has cushions. Often times the cushions might be what you love about it most—they make it comfortable. But cushions aren’t made to last forever and if you’re using the furniture often, it’s only a matter of time before the cushions stop working like they used to. But how do you know when it’s time to replace them?

Many would say when a piece of furniture is no longer comfortable, it’s time to consider cushion replacement. If you’re not enjoying sitting in it any more or lying down on it, then what’s the point? Cut your losses and get new cushions as soon as possible so you and your guests can begin enjoying the furniture again.

Sometimes comfort is not an issue, but the way it looks is. If you’ve been sitting in the same spot over and over for a number of years, the cushion can begin to show that wear and tear by taking on a permanent indent. This isn’t exactly an attractive look. Furthermore, this can be a sign that the cushions are shot, but you’re too used to it to notice.

Fortunately, you can consider foam inserts for extra cushion instead of paying to have them redone. Just unzip your furniture cushions and slip the inserts in. it’s far more affordable and will hold you over till having them redone is an option.


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How to Choose Eco-Friendly Bedding for the Home

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Choosing an eco-friendly bed set is the new trend in parenting, where all-natural materials take the place of synthetics. Avoiding plastic and toxic chemicals helps keep kids healthy as they grow. You might think that all eco-friendly bedding would be extremely expensive, but there are options for all price points available.

High-End Sets

The highest end bedding sets for children usually contain organic materials and cut down on chemicals. Manufacturers often use flame retardant chemicals to keep you safe from fires while you sleep, but these chemicals are harmful to breathe. Especially for children. Wool is excellent for insulation and is also mostly fireproof. Though there are some concerns with allergens in wool, manufacturers claim that how they treat the fabric prevents these allergens from affecting humans. This is really about personal preference, and what will work for you.

A hardwood bed frame will be a nice, sturdy addition to the bedroom. Laura Ashley bedding is stylish, and available in synthetic or cotton. You can review the thread count and makeup when you order online. Pillows are a different story, because there are so many fillings available. Goose down was the standard, but you can order pillows with flax seed filling today if you wanted to. Buckwheat and wool are also good alternatives for an eco-friendly solution.

Economical Sets

When shopping for an economical set, the thing you are most concerned with is chemicals used. Fireproofing chemicals are good for survival in an emergency, but bad for long time breathing. Futons make great, inexpensive choices for those seeking something eco-friendly. They also go great for kids too, providing parents a method of fold-up and store that increase a child’s play space. Quilts and sheets that are 100% cotton are ok, but you want natural fibers for your bed sheets if possible.

As for mattress protection, opt for covers that are vinyl-free.

Other Suggestions

IKEA has plenty of alternatives you can use, like hard wood bed slats, that help you stay natural without breaking the bank. It’s ok to shop at multiple stores if you’ll save money in doing so. Wool is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, but the substance can be difficult to wash. In most cases, you can opt out of a wool pillow in favor of something that is washable. Then use very mild soaps to clean the pillow and you should be fine. Also never under-estimate the clearance section! There are plenty of eco-friendly styles with a markdown if you are patient enough to shop.
BeddingStyle sells bedding collections, including pillows and quilts, through its website online.

4 Tips to Protect Your Garden

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Keeping your vegetable garden alive is already challenge enough dealing with watering techniques and soil replacement. Pest control can become an even bigger thorn in your side, especially if you want a natural approach to dealing with nature’s challenges. You can build an aluminum wire fence, but that won’t keep the bugs out. There are humane methods to deal with this issue, but it does take some planning to keep your garden safe.

Garden Boxes

A garden box is like a raised platform where you grow veggies. You can utilize some stock lumber to built this advantageous structure. Raised gardens tend to keep soil warmer and prevent people trampling the soil. Animals may also find themselves deterred, either because entrance is difficult or the conditions are unfamiliar. Rabbits especially are reluctant to move on a raised garden because it will expose them to their own natural predators.


Design your garden so that the pathways between each section are as narrow as possible. This slimmer pathway keeps a clear walkway to and from your garden, which works to help you maneuver and protects your crops. Like a raised garden, a walkway is exposed ground. Few animals will be willing to tread there unless they are desperate for food.


Planting different species of vegetable in the same space also has a positive effect for the overall health of your garden. It keeps soil fresh, and plants like garlic and onion will repel small animals. These tasty veggies are great for human consumption, but act as a natural barrier for animals.

If you’re still experiencing crop loss from animal ingestion, you can plant a ruse garden that will attract wildlife instead. A ruse is a military term, meaning a fake or a trick. Rabbits and small animals love wild flowers like dandelions and goldenrod. These plants cost you next to nothing to plant, and you can store them safely near your garden in their own plant box. Another idea is to put them near the tree line, keeping the animals well away from your garden proper.


An electric dog fence will administer a small shock to any animals that attempt to breach the fence line. The shock is non-lethal, but it is a strong deterrent. Try arming the fence for a few days, then disarm the fence and see if your crops stay healthy and fresh. You may be able to deter and train animals to stay away based on your fence.
The preceding guest post was written on behalf of Farm Supply Store, suppliers of a wired or electric fence for farms and home gardens.

Tokyo During the Meiji Era

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Posted By Samuel Phineas Upham

The Tokugawa regime officially ended in 1868, with the defeat of the Tokugawa forces at Toba-Fushimi. The prefecture of Edo would forever change, in name and in status. Edo, which meant “estuary” was renamed to Tokyo, which means the eastern capital. At the time, the emperor who would sit on the throne in Tokyo was just 16 years old.


One of the biggest improvements made during the Meiji era was the consolidation of government schools under the Tokyo Imperial University system. This created a strong emphasis on Western disciplines like science and technology. Heavy emphasis was placed on Japanese nationalism, which became a large part of the Tokyo University system, and ultimately Japanese politics for years to come.

Urban Planning

By 1905, Tokyo had blossomed to over 2 million people. There was extensive planning involved with rebuilding Tokyo after the Tokugawa, and officials wanted the city to have a certain look too. They began with elements of modernity, but kept many of the pre-existing structures from the imperial period.

Museums and Parks

The cultural officials behind Meiji’s development modeled their improvements on Berlin, London and Paris. Tokyo was meant to embody the greatest cultural treasures from around the world. Urban parks were also planned as a kind of oasis of beauty and relaxation. The leadership created two parks: one for public celebration and the other was turned into a recreational space. These early models helped shape the city’s cultural centers well after the Meiji period ended.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Samuel Phineas Upham website or Facebook.

Spending Profits

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Life in the big city of Los Angeles is a dream for a lot of people, the high standard of living, the fancy parties, and the fast paced lifestyle. Opportunities are big in this city and everybody is trying to make their way up the ladder focusing greatly on their careers. When each minute of your day is important to you, it is difficult to accept that you have to spend some of these very important moments having to do mundane household chores. These days, with the advent of outsourcing maid services, you don’t have to.

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Cover your patio furniture for protection

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Winter is so harsh on your patio furniture and it is the time to cover them for protection from extreme weather elements including rain, snow, ice and day and night temperature fluctuations. Readymade covers available at home improvement stores or custom made protective covers can shelter your investment when not in use.

  • You can group them or cover your sofa, table, chairs, BBQ and others individually. If you are grouping your patio set, make sure to get them as close as possible. Measure them from outside of one to the outside of the other to get an adequately sized cover that can protect your furniture.
  • Readymade sets are available in the market. Also you can custom made covers. You need to give exact dimensions (height, width and depth) to make sure covers fit your furniture perfectly.
  • Covers are not just for the winter. You may use them during summer dust storms, rain events and also when you are not using them. So make sure to get all-weather, all-season covers.
  • You can buy covers in many colors and made of different durable material. Consider the outside ambiance before choosing a color and material.
  • Fold umbrellas for safety as well as to protect them.

Features to Consider When Buying Interior Doors

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Purchasing a new interior door is a major commitment. Not only is it an investment of money, it’s a purchase that will be part of your home for years to come. But many people aren’t aware of what to look for when they are shopping for a new interior door. Not all doors are the same! Each door has its own features that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Here are four considerations to keep in mind when comparison shopping for a new interior door:

Fire Resistance: If a door is fire resistant, this means that it is made of special materials or has been specially treated to give extra protection in case of a fire. You will definitely want to consider a fire resistant door for entryways to attics or basements, where many fires occur, but you also might want to consider fire resistant doors throughout the house.

Sound Reduction: Some doors have thicker inner insulation and design features that are meant to dampen sound. This means that the noises coming into and out of the room are greatly reduced. These sound reduced doors are perfect for bedrooms, especially for nurseries where keeping things quiet is a must.

Mirrors: A door with mirrors can add depth to smaller rooms. Not only will it make smaller spaces look larger but it will also reflect light and make the room seem larger than it really is.

Themes: When you are buying a door for a child’s room, consider the possibility of a themed door that will reflect your child’s personality and interests. Many attractive doors are available that can transform your kid’s room into a castle, space rocket, pirate ship or anything in between.

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