Use Foam Storage Inserts and Never Lose Another Tool

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Every time we break out the tools for a weekend project, it seems like we spend as much time looking for the right tool as we do addressing the task. Whether the single wrench you need is the only one out of hundreds that’s missing, or you can’t find the right Phillips head screwdriver in a sea of slot drivers, spending 10 minutes looking for a tool that you only need to use for 10 seconds of work is maddening. Because we all want to minimize the time spent fixing something and maximize the time using it, putting tools away in the midst of a project is often the last thing that happens, resulting in tool chests turning into a mess of metal and plastic. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep tools organized while taking only a split second longer than tossing them into a drawer blindly.


With a custom tooling insert, cut foam rubber trimmed to the shape of your tools is layered over a durable foam base. This organizes your tool collection in a completely customizable way and gives each tool its own special spot. Using materials like neoprene and mini-cell foam, very similar in style to an exercise foam mat, it’s easy to plot a tool layout and carve out the shapes by hand. A foam rubber cut is surprisingly easy to make using a sharp, non-serrated blade like a utility knife and will leave smooth edges for a professional look. By taking care of the cutting yourself, you can customize how many tools fit in each drawer, their layout, and what tools they share space with.


The other benefit of maintaining this degree of organization is the near-inability to lose your tools. Using a foam base layer of bright colors under a dark top layer makes it obvious when a tool is missing from its home. A quick glance over your tool box or chest before you finish your project will alert you that you’re missing a tool or are about to leave one behind. But with a darkly colored top layer and every tool in its place, the inserts have a clean appearance. It’s essentially a passive alarm system that helps you avoid losing expensive or important tools.


Closed-cell foam materials like polyethylene, neoprene and mini-cell are all durable products that can be wiped down and cleaned as needed, so you won’t need to treat the inserts any more gently than you’d treat your tools.

LA Roof Repair, How Roof Maintenance Can Save Money

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When you think about bringing in a roofing company, you probably do not immediately think that you could be saving yourself money.  In reality though, when you bring in an LA roof repair company to do some roof maintenance, you can do yourself a lot of good and really save the dent that a new roof will put in your wallet in the long run.  Maintenance is a great way to keep your roof for long periods of time and save you from having to shell out big bucks for a new roof.

Roof maintenance depends on where you live with the climate as well as the type of roof system that you actually have.

Basic maintenance though should certainly start with bringing in a professional to check on the roof and do any preventative maintenance that they can think of.  By doing this, you are going to extend the life of your roof.  This is going to save you money in the long run.  The expert roofers will recommend that you have two annual maintenance checks on your roof.  This is for all residential, commercial, as well as industrial roofing systems.

Roof repairs are not fun but neither is water leaking through the roof.  Finding the right Los Angeles roofing company can be as easy as reaching out to  These experts will tell you what maintenance schedule will work best and can show you what good roofing contractors Los Angeles has to offer.

Get New Siding for Your Home with a Virginia Siding Contractor

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If your home is starting to look a bit shabby hire a Virginia siding contractor to install new siding. Having siding on your home saves it from a lot of wear and tear from snow, ice, wind and rain. Having siding on your home also adds to the value of your home. This is something to think about if you’re planning on selling your home in the future.

Virginia is a beautiful state and rich in heritage and history. There are many areas where there are beautiful mansions with landscaped lawns. If large communities aren’t your thing there are also smaller communities with townhouses and condos.

There are some Virginia siding contractors that are the best in the state. To find them just search online for contractors in your area. If your home has a roof that needs repaired or replaced you can search online for a Virginia roofing contractor in your area. One company you can check out is Marshall Roofing. They can give you a quote on any roof repairs you need or if you want a new roof. When getting bids on any renovations to your home, be sure to get as many as you can so that you can compare prices. Check out to get a quote. Be sure any estimate, quote or bid includes all materials that will be used and how long the job will take. Having the roof on your home repaired or replaced will save you a lot of money on your heating bill in the winter and your cooling bill in the summer.

Can Discount Bamboo Flooring Withstand A Scratching From Your Dog?

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Discount bamboo flooring is really gaining in popularity across the United States.  One of the common fears and questions that Americans have about this type of flooring though is just how it will be able to stand up against their cat or dog.  If you have a dog and they scratch the bamboo floor, is going to do a lot of damage to the floor?

Dogs are known to do a lot of damage to hardwood floors, but will this carry over to a bamboo floor?  Bamboo floor care is very important if you have pets.  If you have a dog that scratches a finished strand woven bamboo floor, a regular cleaning is likely going to get that scratch out.

If you are nervous about what your dog will do to the floor, you may want to get a floor sample of a bamboo floor and see if you pet can harm the finish with their claws.  By doing this, you will be able to see what you are up against with your dog.  There are many finished out there which can also help further protect your bamboo flooring, such as aluminum oxide.

Bamboo flooring is very pet friendly and cleans up fairly easily.  Engineered bamboo flooring is also extremely durable and very inexpensive compared to hardwood floors.  If you want to learn more about this type of flooring and the varying bamboo flooring suppliers out there.

Two Ways Glass Pool Walls Can Help Increase Pool Value

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When the time comes that you want to sell your home, something that can add a lot of value to your home is having a pool in your backyard.  A pool is something that can add thousands upon thousands of dollars to the value when you go to a real estate agent to get your home on the market.  One way to really up the value of having that pool and give the pool a lot of pop is to utilize glass pool walls around the pool.

First and foremost, these pool walls are going add a whole level of pop as well as safety.  These pool walls will make your pool far more appealing and will also improve safety, keeping kids, neighbors, animals, and everything else with the exception of birds out of the pool.  This can improve the cleanliness of the pool and everything else involved with keeping it maintained.

Second, a frameless glass around your pool will give the illusion that your pool is out in the open, improving the way that it looks on many levels. This gives the idea that your pool is out in the open and allows everyone to enjoy the great sight that is the pool, rather than having a big wooden fence around the pool.


Glass pool fencing Sydney residents in Australia can make use of is not as costly as you may think.  There are some great options out there including that can make adding glass walls around your pool a reality.  Frameless glass balustrades could make all of the difference in making your pool as valuable to a potential buyer as it is to you.

Update your guest bathroom before holidays

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During the holidays we all get family and friends who may want to spend few days at your home.  If you are considering giving a facelift to your guest bathroom here are some improvement ideas based on length of time required to complete them.

If you have more than a week before the family and guests arrive, you can make a big improvement to your guest bathroom.  Start with the vanity.  Premade cabinets with a sink in place are available to purchase at any home improvement store.  If you don’t need storage, a pedestal sink can give an illusion of space inside the bathroom.  You can also install a lead-free, low-flow faucet.  Also consider replacing full wall mirror with a framed mirror and update lighting if needed.  A fresh coat of painting is a must if you replace anything inside the guest bathroom.

If you only got two days before your guests arrive, you have enough time to replace corroded shower doors with a frameless new one.  Frameless doors gives a new look to your tile and updated look to your bathroom.

Bathroom windows can be replaced within a day.  It adds to the look as well as save energy.

Car Camping: A Different Way to Hit the Road

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The urge to take a cross-country road trip and explore the unknown places you stumble across on the way hits almost all of us at some point in our lives. Itineraries are created and budgets are made, but often the biggest roadblock, especially during an open-ended trip, is finding a place to sleep each night. Motels dot highways but can quickly devour a budget, as prices go up and down depending on region, season, and local events you may know nothing about. This can eat up hundreds of dollars you didn’t budget for, just for a few hours of sleep. Even traditional camping has become costly, with some park passes costing close to what a motel would, with many larger parks requiring prior reservations due to popularity. To combat these variables, one solution people have devised is car camping.


Quite different from just pulling over and sleeping in your seat, car camping is outfitting the back of SUVs, vans and pickups with toppers with sleeping platforms covered by camping mats that give them a stable, comfortable place to rest no matter where they wind up. With a little mapping and planning, campers can spot RV and truck stops that allow overnight parking before the trip, as well as stores with parking lots that do the same, effectively eliminating the cost of sleep and shelter every night.


These custom sleep support platforms are usually outfitted with compartments and drawers to efficiently store gear beneath the bed area. Some people put down a basic camping mat or closed-cell boat pads on these platforms to their catch shut eye, while others have brought along a bunk-bed mattress or designed their own foam mattress for home-away-from-home sleep. When not in use, rolling or folding camping mats allow better storage space utilization by providing access to platform compartments. If you have the tools and ability to make one of these in-car sleeping platforms, you can use them to get the best rest you’ve ever had on a trip.