Cut Down on Acid Reflux Symptoms with Body Wedges

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For those who suffer from acid reflux, treatment can cost thousands and thousands of dollars every year in prescriptions, doctor visits, and medical procedures. For some, their problems are so serious, surgery may be the only option that produces results. For more fortunate people, simple lifestyle changes can serve as an easier way to manage their reflux symptoms.


Posture is one thing that may make it easier for acid to ascend and irritate people. Sleeping on your right side places the stomach in a position higher than the esophagus, which provides a path for acid to cause discomfort. One way to prevent this, while still maintaining a comfortable sleeping position is a custom foam back wedge.


A raised upper-body, even if is only boosted by a few inches, can help reduce acid reflux through gravity. By elevating the esophagus, head and throat, it becomes more difficult for stomach acid to climb and irritate. Body wedges, which are made in various lengths, widths and heights to fit all firm mattress pad sizes, can offer a boost that’s gentle and comfortable enough for sleep. Very light products, you can leave a wedge atop the mattress or bring it into the living room or family room when you want to watch TV or read on the couch. Tuck them under a firm mattress pad and you’ll have a completely smooth surface plus the boost in posture. Considering the costly and invasive nature of alternative treatments, trying out custom cushions before taking more drastic steps to reduce acid reflux symptoms is worth it.

Safety Check Tips Before Using an Industrial Hoist

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When someone is operating a hoist, there are a few things that they should do before they start operating that industrial hoist. These are going to help to ensure that everyone around the hoist is going to be safe while it is being operated, including the operator and their coworkers.  If you are going to be operating a Harrington hoist, do these three things first.

Operators ought to do a pre-operation inspection as well as preparation procedures so that they can find any potential problems, prevent any accidents, and increase the work environment’s safety.  Make sure that the hoist’s doesn’t have a tag that says it’s out of order.

They should next look at the wire rope, synthetic straps, hooks, and chain. Look for things like broken wires, chain damage like gouges, stretch and wear, and kinks, and latches and twists on the hooks for function.  All of the hoists have to be equipped their safety latch that’s properly working.

Following the visual inspection, the hoist should be test run without a load.  The hoist should be run completely up and completely down. If there are any unusual sounds, they should be immediately reported and the hoist should be tagged as out of order.

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Steps for Fixing a Blister on Roofing Prince William County

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One of the problems that people have with the roofing Montgomery County is blistering on their roofing.  But the good news is this is something on roofing Prince William County that a homeowner can fix on their own. Here are the steps for fixing a blister.

  • Slice the blister carefully down the middle using a utility knife.  The cut ought to penetrate the blister’s full depth but shouldn’t reach the felt beneath it.
  • Lift the edges of the blister. If there’s water inside, press in from the edges towards the center to squeeze the water out of the roofing layers. Soak up the water using rags and then prop your edges up so they can dry. When it’s cold outside or if it’s fully saturated, use a propane torch with a flame-spreading nozzle for drying the felt.(use safety goggles while doing this).  Carefully move your flame over the blister’s inner layers.  The tar and felt are really flammable, so make sure that the layers aren’t hot enough to bubble or burn..
  • Spread a thick coating of some roof cement upon the loose felt’s edges and very firmly press the blister’s sides down.
  • Permanently close the blister using 6d galvanized nails on the slit’s sides, and then use roof cement over the whole blister, ensuring the heads are covered well.


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Manage Pressure Point Issues with Foam Padding

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Pressure pain and its impact on health is a real issue for people in all walks in life, not just those in beds for extended periods of time or individuals using wheelchairs. People who sit for a substantial portion of their day, like those in offices or individuals who routinely travel for business, are prone to pressure management issues. Pressure points can be a very serious issue, as poorly distributed weight may lead to circulation problems, numbness and in extreme cases, sores. One way to mitigate pressure in situations where you must remain in a seat is the implementation of foam seat padding, something that can be applied to your personal or professional life.

Foam pads distribute weight evenly which promotes better circulation and comfort, whether they’re used on a daily basis as a chair cushion or only occasionally like a storage bed for overnight guests. In the appropriate density and thickness, foam distributes weight and pressure across its form without bottoming out, as opposed to a hard surface where weight is focused on small areas. Pads are made of conventional polyurethane foam, memory foam, and even latex foam, so you can find the right blend of comfort and support for your needs. Pressure relieving cushions can also assist in improving your posture, in the form of a wedge foam pad for seats or furniture cushions placed under your knees while reclining. They can also pad bed surfaces.

Furniture even exists that places emphasis on pressure-reduction. Foam-stuffed beanbag chairs are one example, great for pressure-free relaxation while watching movies and playing video games. If you find yourself uncomfortable at work, in the car, or even in bed, pressure issues may to be to blame and foam pads can offer help.

Things to Consider When Buying Contemporary Ceiling Fans

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A lot of people like the look of contemporary ceiling fans and rustic ceiling fans for their homes.  Below you will find three things to consider when you are buying fans for your home.

  • Height of ceiling- The majority of companies recommend having a distance of 9 feet from the fan to the floor. To accommodate the ceilings that are taller, you’re going to need a down rod or extension.  If your ceiling is 11 feet, the rod ought to be approximately 2 feet.  This is going to bring your fan to the correct distance above your floor. In the rooms that have lower ceilings, choose flush mount ceiling fans for the rooms.
  • Positioning: If you have a sloped ceiling, suspend your fan from a mount that is angled.  The tri-mount models are able to be installed using any kind of application, angled flush-mount, or down rod.
  • Blades – The fans that have less than 3 blades or more greater than 6 blades usually are thought to be decorative. Most of the fans have 4 or 5 blades. Balance is really more important than style or blade number – blades that are uneven often cause the fans to become wobbly.


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Allergy-proofing your yard

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If you are prone to allergies or suffering from it after yard work, here are some tips to allergy-proofing your yard.

  • Plants that have bright flowers rely on insects to transfer pollen cause less allergies.
  • Plants that produce pollen spread by wind cause more allergies.
  • Rain helps to wash pollen. But it promotes mold, mildew, and weeds. If you have allergies based on these, avoid gardening after rain.
  • Cut the grass short and keep the garden weed free. Ragweed, dock, and English plantain promote allergies.
  • Wear a mask when doing yard work.
  • Wear long pants and shirts and wash them after yard work.
  • Avoid gardening in early morning or at sundown when the pollen count is highest.
  • Protect your eyes with glasses or sunglasses.
  • Take a shower after yard work.
  • Pay attention to plants that promotes allergies. They include Male junipers, fruitless mulberry, seedless ash, cottonwood, elm, sycamore, olive, oak, walnut, maple, birch, willow, and pecan. Bermuda grass and bluegrass are also known to promote allergies.
  • Use plants that will not aggravate allergies. These include fruited mulberry, magnolia, silk, pear, palm, redbud, yew and fir trees. Other plants include azalea, hyacinth, daffodil, and hibiscus. Ferns, orchids and gladiolas are also friendly to those who are suffering from allergies.

Tips for Caring for Rattan Furniture

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A lot of people have rattan furniture in their home. Here are some of the things that you can do to take good care of your rattan sofa. 

Clean it gently: Dust your furniture regularly using a cloth that is soft.  You don’t have to use furniture polish but if you want to use it, do so sparingly.  Don’t ever use abrasive cleaners or paint thinners to clean cane or wicker.


Dry your rattan sofa when it’s wet well – You can use a cloth that’s damp with a mild cleaner for furniture can be used, however don’t soak your furniture. If the furniture becomes too saturated, dry it outdoors with the sun if you can.  That natural material is going to generally return to the shape it was, so don’t bend it while it’s wet.


Immediately treat mildew – If you see mold or mildew starting to form, use a solution of soapy water and strong bleach for cleaning the area that’s affected. You then have to dry it outside in the sun.


Vacuum your furniture using your brush attachment – Your brush attachment can be used on furniture crevices and woven panels. You can also use a brush that is dry that has medium bristles.

Lift your furniture when you’re moving it – In order to avoid splitting your fibers, don’t drag the furniture.

Protect your cane furniture feet – This can be done with rubber stoppers or felt pads

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