Cool roofs are the way to go

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royalroofing1The concept of cool roofs has become very popular in recent times. Although this has happened mainly due to rising electricity charges rather than a concern for the environment, it is nevertheless a good trend indeed.

In the summer, your roof can absorb a lot of heat. This in turn radiates through to the house and, along with the heat absorbed by the walls, can make your house an extremely warm place. Sadly this effect can continue into the night as there is no way for the heat to be transferred out quickly.This leads to only one solution and that is air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity and you can be left with a huge electricity bill by the end of summer.

One way you can avoid this is to change the way your roof reacts to the sun. An interesting option would be to turn your roof into and above ground garden. However, maintain this could be difficult for you if you do not have the time. A simpler option would be to install a variety of roof tiles that reflect the heat and not absorb it. This makes roof maintenance a much easier job and you will not have to worry about anything happening to your roof. If you are interested in converting to this option, contact your local roofing contractor and get his or her advice.There are many color options to choose from as well, so it’s an option well worth thinking about.

Ways to make Gardening Easier

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Even if one likes gardening and wishes to pursue it as a hobby, there will come a time when the number of tasks in the garden will test the patience of the most willing gardener. However, there are some tips that people can make your gardening easier and that pretty much based on common sense.

  1. 1.       Ensure that you have good soil

Good soil ensures that you have good plants, and in order to get some good soil, ensure that you have the current soil that you have tested for essential nutrients that plants needs or for its pH level.

  1. 2.       Raised beds and containers

Containers are the best way to control the amount of soil, water, exposure and even growth that the plant has while raising the beds by 6 inches will save your back a lot of bending as well. All these aspects will help you control your border.

  1. 3.       Get yourself a set of wheels

Getting a garden cart or wheelbarrow to move stuff around in the garden is certainly a good idea, and which will not only let you move things around much easier but it will also prevent several trips as well.

  1. 4.       Pick tools that are ergonomic

Gardening can be very stressful especially on the joints with all the repetitive work, and for this, it is vital that one finds gardening tools such as trowels, cushioned handles, bent rakes and ratchet pruners that require you to overwork your wrists.

  1. 5.       Get your kids involved

If you would like to reduce the work involved, you can get your children or grandchildren involved. If they’re not able to carry most of the work they will provide you company while you are gardening.

New Floor Plans – How to Add Flair to Your Home in Any Situation

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Whether you’ve gone through some tough times and you need to do some home damage restoration, or you simply want a change, new floor plans are a great way to add new features to your home without moving.

When it comes to upgrading houses, most homeowners head straight to the kitchen.  After all, it is usually the first area to show its age.  Plus, your kitchen is where you spend time with family and entertain friends; it really is the heart of your home.  By giving your kitchen a makeover, it can increase the value of your entire home.

Many people who have to do a home damage restoration opt for brand new floor plans.  After all, if Mother Nature has severely damaged your home, it gives you the perfect reason to start over with a custom design.  New floor plans offer you the freedom of changing a bunch of things inside your home, without the stress and hassle of trying to buy a new house.

If, to you, new floor plans equal luxury, Poggenpohl Kitchens may be your perfect mate.  Poggenpohl Kitchens have been designing luxury kitchens for more than a century.  They offer custom kitchens, with all of the newest details, and they can handle virtually any design that you come up with. 

But what if you are intimidated by completely new floor plans, and you just want a little change?  Modern kitchen cabinets can do the trick.  Something as simple as replacing your old, worn cabinets with modern kitchen cabinets can revitalize your entire house.

Modern kitchen cabinets are not just an option for wealthy homeowners.  Since they come in any size, any color, and any design you can imagine, modern kitchen cabinets can fit into any budget.

Modern kitchen cabinets can also add more space – without the need to draw up new floor plans!  New cabinets are designed better, with more storage capabilities.  New cabinets can free up counter space, and they can make your kitchen look much less cluttered.  They are the perfect way to make the most out of your space.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo flooring is affordable and incredibly beneficial to the environment, making it a top choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Learn more about the benefits of bamboo flooring.

When homeowners are deciding on the type of flooring they want to use in their homes, they do so based on a wide range of factors.  Of course, they want to know if it is aesthetically pleasing and will have a long lifespan.  However, with all of the recent emphasis put on environmental responsibility, more and more homeowners want to know if the type of flooring they are installing is doing as little harm to the environment as possible.  Considering the amount of wood it takes to floor a standard house, this directly leads to countless trees being destroyed, which can be prevented.  The hottest new alternative to standard wood flooring is the use of bamboo floors.

One of the most efficient bamboos solutions is to lay down strand woven flooring.  The material is one of the most durable types of wood that is currently used in flooring. Since bamboo grows so rapidly, it is more affordable than you may think.  Additionally, because of the ample supply, this is one of the most environmentally responsible types of wood floor available.

Strand woven flooring is incredibly easy to clean.  Just pass a dust mop over it with a mixture of white vinegar and water.  This simple maintenance process can keep your floors looking like new for years to come.  Another huge benefit is that this type of flooring is more moisture-resistant that most others available on the market.  In turn, this will result in this floor outlasting other flooring types.  Since it’s so easy to maintain, rest assured that the floors will need to be refinished much less often than hardwood.  Obviously, this alone can save countless dollars over the life span of the wood.

Worried about the bamboo flooring installation process being difficult?  Rest assured that it is just as painless, if not easier, than standard wood.  It starts by checking that your subfloor is dry, as clean as possible, and level.  If your subfloor is dirty the adhesive may not correctly adhere, resulting in problems down the line.  Another thing to avoid is any liquid on the subfloor.  When liquid mixes with the padding of the bamboo, it will rot over time.  The best way to ensure your new bamboo floors will last for as long as possible is to start with the best bamboo flooring accessories possible.  Ideally, only purchasing from reputable vendors who provide a warranty that backs their products is the safest choice.

Remember, not only is it affordable, but it’s incredibly beneficial to the environment, easy to maintain, and will last for ages to come.  Given the countless benefits and affordability, bamboo floors really are a fantastic alternative to traditional hardwood.

How to handle Home Damage Restoration

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megabuilders1A disaster can leave you and your home devastated. You will have to resort to doing some Home Damage Restoration in order to get things back to the way they were.However, you need to try and think calmly when you go about this process.

A disaster such as fire, flood, tornado etc. could leave you house partially or completely destroyed. In the latter scenario, you will be looking at a huge construction cost and possibly New floor plans. With the former scenario, you either want to restore the damaged rooms to their old state or do a few changes. Either way,you will be looking at a fair amount of expenditure.

General construction contractors are a viable solution to the problem. However, you should do a good background check on them before doing any sort of hiring. Reconstructing damaged property requires extensive experience in implementing remedial measures. In particular, they need to know how to restore the structural integrity of the house.

Although the first course of action you are likely to take after a disaster is – find a decent contractor who cheap – this is not advisable. Yes, you do want the job done quickly so that your family can get back to a normal life; but you want the job done properly and not have another disaster on your hands if something goes wrong due to poor construction.You need to stay calm, think things through and take enough time to check up on a several contractors, before you hire a one to restore your house.

Picking good baby gifts

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homelinen1Men are supposed to be hard to shop for but babies are even harder. This is mainly because baby gifts have to be baby safe. Twenty or thirty decades ago, parents didn’t have to worry about what they gave to their baby, as long as it wasn’t sharp, was in danger of splintering or could be swallowed. The same applied to friends, family and well-wishers who wanted to give the newborn a gift.

However, now we know more. The research that has gone into analyzing baby gifts has cause use to think twice or thrice before we pick something up for a newborn. The easiest thing to do when you encounter this dilemma is to go to a reputed baby gift shop. These shops have gained a reputation for a simple reason – they are baby safe. This means that you can safely buy gift hampers at these shops and be assured that the baby will come to no harm.

Other than this, you need to give careful thought to what you are buying. Pillows and tiny blankets are great gifts, but be aware that babies go through sudden growth spurts. So picking toys that the baby will be able to play with a few months down the line would be ideal. You should also do a bit of research and pick toys that advance the baby’s cognitive skills. Look for toys that are in high contrast colors, curious textures and interesting patterns. These have been known to pique a baby’s interest.

Go green and get a solar pool heater

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nationalpoolwholesalers1Being conscious of our impact on the environment is something we must do every day. Reducing our carbon imprint is imperative; this involves rethinking some of the devices we use and switching to solar power instead. A solar pool heater is one such device.

Nobody likes to swim in cold water and having a heated pool is a real luxury. However, heating up a large volume of water is a drain on your wallet as well as the national grid. Using a solar pool heater can wipe out both these problems and give you a heated pool right throughout the year (as long as you have the sun showing). Using solar power in other areas related to your pool can also be beneficial.

Your automatic pool cleaner, for instance, can be powered by solar power. This not only eliminates the tedious task of cleaning the pool, but it also eliminated the extremely costly electricity bills as well. In this way you can use solar power to light up your pool (internally and externally), run your cleaning plant and even power up your Jacuzzi.

One more thing you can do to make your heated pool more efficient is to use pool safety covers. Not only do these protect you and your family from accidentally falling in, but the all-weather type of covers will inadvertently trap the heat and hold it in.This can be very beneficial for you and your solar power system.